In this Git tutorial, you will learn about git submodules and the five simple steps you need to carve out a subdirectory from one git repository and reuse it as a git submodule.

Just recently, I developed a plugin for a large, open-source home automation platform called Home Assistant. My goal was to release the plugin as a standalone git repository so that it easily integrates with other peoples’ home automation workflows. …

…using the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS)

Home Assistant is an open-source and very powerful Smart Home operating system. By virtue of its vast number of community add-ons (so-called “Custom Components”), Home Assistant becomes the Swiss army knife for home automation. In the following tutorial, I’ll walk you through the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS). In particular, I’ll show you how Custom Repositories in HACS allow you to install Custom Components that are only available on GitHub and not through Home Assistant or HACS by default.

Have you ever wanted your Smart Home to welcome you with your favourite podcast? Maybe you just want your holiday…


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